Amy’s Bunny Barn: Bunny Boarding in Victoria, BC

Buns Boutique blog post 2016-06-27 Amy's Bunny Barn

Rabbit owners know that it’s important to have someone you trust look after your bunnies when you go away for a holiday or a work trip. Boarding a rabbit can seem like a lot to ask: there’s the litter box to clean, the pelleted food, the fresh veggies, water, unlimited hay, toys, treats, playtime, bunny-proofing the house, understanding the signs of a sick bunny, and knowing what to do in a bunny health emergency.

It’s essential that all bunny owners have at least one trusted bunny-sitter in their contacts.

Amy McLaughlin is the owner of Amy’s Bunny Barn, a boarding service for rabbits and other small animals. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy for coffee and learning about her business.

Bunny Boarding with Amy's Bunny Barn. Amy and Baby Bunny, Buns Boutique blog post 2016-06-27
Amy holds a baby bunny that she has cared for.

“The bond that people have with their bunnies warms my heart.” – Amy

From the moment we met, it was obvious to me that animals are an integral part of Amy’s life. Originally from Port Alberni, she has always adored animals and often took in strays growing up.

Today, Amy has shaped her career around helping animals. She’s a certified vet assistant, and the go-to bunny expert at the Victoria BC SPCA where she has been working since 2008. At the SPCA, she oversees rabbit adoptions, medicates the bunnies when needed, brings them to vet appointments, and raises orphaned baby bunnies – known as kits – by hand.

Amy’s home-based Bunny Barn came about organically. Amy has always maintained an open line of communication with the folks who adopt rabbits from the SPCA. In the beginning, she started bunny-sitting by request, and loved the opportunity to spend time with the rabbits whom she cared for previously at the shelter. Soon enough, people started recommending Amy to friends, so she decided to officially open Amy’s Bunny Barn to the wider bunny community in Victoria. Word-of-mouth and Facebook have continued to bring in new fluffy clients, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other critters.

Bunny Boarding with Amy's Bunny Barn, Buns Boutique blog post 2016-06-27
Amy gives a treat to a bunny in her care. This pen setup is nice and roomy with plenty of bunny toys.

Amy works hard to provide a safe and consistent environment for her furry guests, keeping notes on each animal in her care to ensure that she sticks closely to their usual routine in terms of food, meal times, play times, and any special needs.

Amy’s Bunny Barn currently only boards small animals, but Amy is looking to expand in the future to care for larger domestic animals such as cats, dogs, and horses.

To learn more about Amy’s Bunny Barn, or to get in touch with Amy, check out her Facebook page:

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