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House Rabbit Handbook (Fifth Edition)


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House Rabbit Handbook:
How to Live with an Urban Rabbit  by Marinell Harriman
Fifth Edition (2013): 96 p., 8×8,” ISBN-13: 978-0-940920-18-2

The House Rabbit Handbook first introduced the term “House Rabbit” to the world back in 1985. Now, in this most recent edition of the popular rabbit care guide, basic house bunny facts unfold in both text and pictures, making the information easy to understand.

Topics covered include: choosing a rabbit, proper handling, housing setups, bunny proofing, exercise, toys, litter training, behavior, bonding, diet, and medical care. As in previous editions, bunny caregivers across the USA  have shared their recent discoveries and insights.

This is a great book for first-time rabbit owners and seasoned bunny lovers alike!

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